Parental anxiety

Worried about your child being away at camp? You’re not alone! While your kid is spending weeks away from home in a new environment with people they’ve never met, it’s almost impossible not to feel some parental anxiety. But how much worrying is too much? And is there anything that can be done to help? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered the top ways to put your mind at ease until your child returns home. 

Ways to Alleviate Parental Anxiety 

While many ways to decrease your anxiety are much easier said than done, it starts with a simple switch in your way of thinking. When you worry about something enough, it makes it feel more likely to happen. So, stop worrying about events or situations that haven’t even happened.

In an effort to decrease worrying and parental anxiety, have a plan in place for any potential accidents. Just because you shouldn’t worry about certain events doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for them.

This includes having a plan in place if a storm is headed in the direction of the camp, if a family member falls ill, or any other family emergency. Consider how you will get your child home, who will be responsible for getting him or her, etc.

We understand it may be difficult not having constant contact with your child while away, but rest assured that they are under careful supervision from camp counselors. Not only that, but your child probably isn’t worried at all! Sure, they may get homesick now and again. But the majority of their time will be spent playing with new friends or participating in activities. 

But the best way to ease parental anxiety is to remember that everything you’re feeling is completely normal. And as much as you miss your child, there are thousands of other parents experiencing the same thing.