Best way to avoid ticks

You’ve made the packing list and you’ve bought everything your child will need, but there’s one key factor many parents may forget about when prepping for summer camp. Your child will be spending the majority of their day outside while away at summer camp which means they may be exposed to ticks. Ticks can transmit harmful diseases so it’s important you and your child learn how to avoid ticks at camp.

Best Ways to Avoid Ticks at Camp

1. Dress Prep

Ticks will latch on to just about anything. So, tank tops and shorts may make your child more susceptible. To best avoid ticks at camp, pack long-sleeve shirts, long pants, tall socks, and closed-toe shoes. We know, long sleeves in the middle of summer?! Trust us, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Select breathable materials or thin fabrics to ensure your child remains protected without overheating. Be sure to pack a few hats, too, as ticks are often found in hair.

2. Tick Repellent

Just as you may buy tick repellent for your canine friends, you can also buy repellent for your children while away at summer camp. There are multiple versions of tick repellent that you can utilize for your child to stay safe this summer, from handheld sprays for themselves to full-on sprays for their cabin surroundings.

3. Maintenance

One of the best ways to avoid ticks at camp is to catch them before they start feeding. Scalp checks, looking through their clothing, searching around the cabin for any openings that ticks could easily slip through, and being careful with interactions with other kids or animals are easy ways to avoid ticks. Proper maintenance can deflect any possibility of coming into contact with ticks.

Now that you know the best ways to avoid ticks at camp, make sure you get your child to camp stress-free with the help of Ship Camps. Grab a free quote today.