Topics you should discuss with your child

Summer camp is a big step in any child’s life. For many, it’s their first prolonged experience away from home. And it not only means learning how to be independent, but it also means learning how to make friends, learning life skills, making their own decisions, and learning how to handle different situations. With so many experiences on the horizon, learn more about the topics you should discuss with your child before sending them to summer camp. 

Topics You Should Discuss With Your Child


Kids will be kids. And with an entire camp filled with little ones, there’s bound to be some degree of conflict. It’s best to prepare your child for how to handle these situations. Whether it’s witnessing conflict or being the victim of a bully, let them know they can always reach out to their camp counselor for help and guidance. 


Your child must give what they expect in return, which is why kindness is one of the topics you should discuss with your child. Discuss being polite to their camp counselors or other superiors along with being polite to their campmates and not being a bully. 


Contrary to what your child may think, camp isn’t a summer-long slumber party. Sure, they may pull a couple of all-nighters sharing funny stories and jokes. But, that’s not a sustainable sleep schedule! Remind your child that rest is incredibly important and when their counselors say “lights out,” they need to listen.


Summer camp means being outdoors. And being outdoors means exposure to the elements! While camp counselors will go over safety protocols for each activity, it’s best to go over some of the most common medical (minor) emergencies that your child may experience while away and how to treat them.


It’s okay to miss home, and your child may face that moment no matter how independent they are. Don’t let your child regret going to camp just because they miss home. Prepare them for that feeling and let them know they will not be the only ones feeling that way.


Your child is growing! And hygiene is one of the most important topics to discuss with your child before camp. Applying deodorant, brushing their teeth twice a day, and flossing are just a few things your child will need to remember to do. Consider sending a list with your child of all of the daily things they need to do to maintain good hygiene. 

Now that you know which topics you should discuss with your child before camp starts, learn more about Ship Camps and how to get your child to camp stress-free.