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How to pack your luggage box

1Preparing your luggage

  1. Pack your clothes and travel belongings, excluding prohibited items
  2. Secure any fragile or loose items with bubble wrap
  3. Close the flaps of the box and tape if shut

2Print & attach shipping label to a box

  1. Place shipping label to the upper side of the box
  2. Affix your shipping label by taping all four corners of the label to the box
  3. Double check the label by sliding hands over the tape to secure it


  • Place an extra copy of the shipping label in your luggage
  • Make sure printed shipping labels are visible
  • Double check that all zipper compartments are closed


  • Do not over pack your bag or travel case
  • Do not place shipping label over closed flaps of a shipping box
  • Do not tape the shipping label directly to a canvas travel bag

Prohibited items

Items include but are not limited to Alcohol, Drugs, Jewelry, Electronics, Hazardous Materials, Pressurized Containers or Aerosols, Firearms/Ammunition, etc.For a full list of prohibited items please visit shipcamps.com/terms

SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY? When you ship to camp internationally there are some additional guidelines that you need to follow.

Read international guidelines

Avoid the excessive airline fees, the hassle of security checks and baggage claims, and help your child enjoy the journey to camp.

Ship to camp