How to prevent bed bugs

It’s crucial to avoid bed bugs before going to camp, while at camp, and when returning home. While most camps already take measures to avoid beg bugs, we’ve gathered easy ways you can learn how to prevent bed bugs at summer camp, too. 

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs

1. Research your child’s future summer camp for any past reports or complaints of bed bugs. You can always ask camp employees about any history of bed bugs at camp, too. If the camp has had bed bugs, kindly ask what measures were taken to eliminate the bugs and treat against future infestation. 

2. Teach your child how to look for bed bugs. It’s easy to do a quick inspection under the sheets and in the corners of their bed. Tiny blood stains on sheets and pillows may also be an indication of the presence of bed bugs.

3. There are several places for bed bugs to hide, outside of a bed, especially at a summer camp. Bed bugs can be found in luggage, clothing, car seats, and more. That said, advise your child to check in any spaces bed bugs could be hiding after arriving at their cabin.

4. Pack a handful of trash bags with your child’s belongings before they depart for camp. They should do their best to keep their luggage, clothing, and other items in said plastic bags to protect them from bed bugs.

5. When your child arrives back home at the end of camp, it’s crucial that all of their belongings be thoroughly inspected before being brought back into your home. Once all items have been inspected, and if no bed bugs have been found, clothing should be cleaned immediately and backpacks and suitcases should be vacuumed out as well.