Reasons to send your kid to summer camp

Why Great Parents Choose Summer Camp for their Child

1. New friends

Summer camp is a great way for your child to meet new friends and make new connections. And unlike school or neighborhood friends, camp friends can come from all corners of the country – or the world!

2. Different types of people

With so many new friends from so many different areas, summer camp is arguably the best place for your child to meet several different types of people. Whether it’s kids with different interests or children from different backgrounds, summer camp can be an eye-opening experience for your child as they catch a glimpse into the lives of other boys and girls their age. 

3. Independence

For many children, summer camp is their first time away from home. And while the first day or two at camp can be incredibly overwhelming for a child, it’s a great way for them to begin to develop their independence. Additionally, it’s a safe environment for them to explore being on their own, thanks to constant supervision from camp counselors and employees.

4. New skills

From painting to pottery, there are so many skills your child will have the opportunity to learn at summer camp. And aside from specific trades, they’ll also learn a wide range of life skills. Activities at camp are specifically designed to target life skill learning. Some of these include teamwork, self-confidence, perseverance, respect, leadership, responsibility, and more! What other setting allows for such self-growth? We can’t think of anything. 

5. Environment appreciation

Summer camp, for many kids, is a great way for them to unplug and truly enjoy nature. While free time is typically spent watching tv or playing video games, most summer camps don’t allow electronics. Meaning, children can spend their free time playing with their friends, enjoying a new activity, sharing stories, and more.

6. Physical activity

Swimming, kayaking, ropes courses – you name it, summer camps have every activity you can think of! While summer camps devoted to the arts may not offer as many physical activities, most summer camps do and it’s a great way for your child to get outside and stay active. 

7. Lifelong memories

Summer camp isn’t just an experience. It’s a lifelong memory! The moments your children enjoy and the friendships they make are something they’ll hold onto forever.